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4 juillet, 2010

Dissiped Vinyl come soon

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12 mai, 2010

Hei pojat ja tytöt ja punkrockit!!!

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This is Dissiped blog, finnish crusties punx from south France. You’ll find here sounds and pictures and videos.Feel free to write us for gigs or other stuffs, to:


Me olemme Dissiped suomalaisia crusties punx !!!

Olut !



7 mai, 2010

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DISSIPED is dedicated to the finnish hc of the early 80′s.

We play in the punk spirit, we don’t need to be virtuoso.  We don’t take ourself seriously but we believe in the punk we play. We say fuck off to all the bastards who think they can make money with punk. We believe punk can still be an underground way but we have to hold it in our hands and do it ourself. Our major influences are rattus, terveet kadet, kaaos, kuolleet kukat, chaos uk, discharge,…We ‘d like to raise the interest of finnish punk. We are looking for dates. We miss finland so much. No borders!

Fjord is the legendary singer who now plays  guitar too. Onni is the biotox antibassist veteran involved in finnish poetry. Mange is the new drummer with true hair .


24 avril, 2010

Finnish drunkards still on curse!!!

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28 octobre, 2009

Suomi Tour 09

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26 juillet, 2009

News from the crypt of flesh and fantasy

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Dissiped open for yankees Born Dead in 17 of august in Tolosa (caravan serail)

18 of september : festival in mauriac

21 of september: with Abrupt (usa) at Ragtime (Tolosa)

October: finnish Tour (back to the origins of mayhem)

Take care; drink fresh booze; time are hot but our hearts are cold


Dissiped in Profane Existence

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dissiped in Profane existence

28 mars, 2009

Apärät on Tour (part II)

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Dissiped touring the world in 9 days (France/Belgium/holland) more smoking and thrashing and drunking days! Mothafucking apärät!!!!


4 février, 2009

Me olimme täällä, ja se oli hyvä!

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4 novembre, 2008

We were here….

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Hei ystävät! Great times! Lot of alcohol! Fun music! Great food!

Me rakastamme teitä, kaikki vanhat äpärät!


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